About Us

Adler Arms was established in 2007 by the Tarip family, one of the experienced families of shotgun sector.

Adler Arms continues to grow with the principle of quality and innovation with the professional staff it brings together under the leadership of Tarip Family which is based on the experience of the 1960s. Adler Arms shotgun world as a result of his work to bring innovations introduced to the sector with the lever action shotgun rifle has proven itself and has gained appreciation of business partners in many countries of the world with exports. Adler Arms, aiming to carry its success further with the experience and continuous innovation principles, is advancing rapidly on the way of industrial production. Adler Arms serves its customers with lever, semi-automatic, pump, magazine and single-breaking shotguns.

Our Goal

To produce quality products with quality and innovation based production

Our Vision

In the changing and developing business world, productivity, dynamism, quality, original ideas, with a positive perspective, keeping in the foreground, working in long-term cooperation with our customers, providing the most appropriate and best solutions to domestic and foreign sectors by creating new, strong provide.